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podstawa i stelaże
and structures

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komunikacja i bezpieczenstwo
control and safety

podejmowanie komponentów
Gripping systems
(finger grippers)


EOAT grippers
(End of arm tooling)

ramiona cobotów

Ready-to-use solutions

Configurations for CNC machining

Our sets of collaborative robots were also created for machining companies. The available configurations can work side-by-side with humans, extending maintenance-free machine runtimes, which in turn increases productivity and production stability. Choose one of the following sets to streamline your production.

Implementation support service

By choosing the services of Cobot Planet you get a ready-to-use workstation and expert support. We will help you implement the complete cobot station – therefore, you will achieve the benefits of automation faster and minimize the risk of errors.

With the support of our specialists:

  • you will configure the optimal solution for your production model
  • you will carry out the subsequent implementation steps, according to precise instructions and with access to professional consultations
  • you will acquire the necessary knowledge, e.g. in the area of adapting processing technology or jaw design
  • your team will be trained in retooling your station
  • you will get support in selecting or designing gripper fingers
  • your operators will be trained in how to operate your station.

We would be happy to share our experience in the field of production automation.

Cobot mounting system

Precise and stable fastening, as well as easy disassembly and reassembly of the station are crucial for the efficient operation of the whole installation. We have designed special solutions which feature compatibility with cobots, high quality of workmanship, and the possibility of adjusting the parameters to the production needs. Thanks to our anchoring kit it is possible to keep the surface flat and safe for operators after moving the cobot. The caps available in the kit protect sockets with anchors from contamination. The mounting column allows for safe and secure fixing of the cobot. In addition to the standard height that meets the maximum safety requirements, supplementary column extensions are also available, providing even greater flexibility in production. The cobot base is mounted on the column.

Frames and structures

Our wide range of solutions enables the assembly of working areas for component positioning. Simple design allows for quick and precise assembly of the station. Due to the compact size of the frame, the process can be automated even when there is very little space between the machines. The mounting rack serves as a base for the C-interconnector. The trapezoidal rack for frame allows the use of extra space between the worktop surfaces. The scanner holder makes it possible to attach a scanner to the column, which slows down the cobot after an operator enters its workspace.

Storage and positioning

The flexible and easy-to-configure system guarantees precise and convenient storage of parts as well as uncomplicated replenishment, which significantly extends the maintenance-free station runtimes. Components can be positioned on the gravity feeder with adjustable inclination angle, on a perforated plate or in a KLT container. The low cost of the solution allows for the configuration of numerous station variants, depending on the manufactured assortment. Reconfiguration and setting up takes no more than a few minutes. An increase in the working area can be achieved by mounting two Cobot Planet frames on one column (for more details, see Configurations for the CNC industry).

Communication, control and safety

Our solution guarantees the efficient exchange of signals between a machine and a cobot. C-interconnector is the central element of the solution. It allows for free transfer of the station between machines (plug-and-play configuration change). The contol panel allows for the operation of the necessary functions of the cobot (stopping, returning to the service position, resuming work, macro reset) without the need to activate them from the teach pendant. The functions of the control panel can be tailored to your needs. The scanner ensures safety near the cobot's workstation by detecting the operator's entry into its workspace, eliminating the risk of an accident at the workstation without using a barrier.

Gripping systems (finger grippers)

The Cobot Planet team has designed sets of dedicated Cobot Planet finger grippers for the Robotiq 2F-85, 2F-140 and Hand-E grippers for gripping workpieces from the outside and from the inside. They enable repetitive picking up of components from the storage and their precise placement, e.g. in jaws or in a vice. The replacement of finger grippers takes only a few dozen seconds. We also offer a wide range of dedicated solutions for your product range. Contact our technical advisor to design individual finger gripper.

Cable routing

EOAT grippers (End of arm tooling)

When selecting the gripping method, it is essential to take into account the compliance with the standards for safe use. We offer innovative Robotiq grippers that are fully compatible with the Universal Robots cobots. Easy installation and integration at the software level (common application for programming and control) guarantee the comfort of operation of the entire installation. We are an official reseller of the Robotiq grippers and have the status of a Universal Robots Certified Integrator.


Our priority is to ensure the high quality of our products. That is why we offer ready-to-use sets of the Universal Robots collaborative robots. The UR e-Series cobots feature innovative solutions that increase both safety and efficiency of use, making them ideal for your production plant. Cobot Planet is an official reseller of the Robotiq grippers and has the status of a Universal Robots Certified Integrator.

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